OTD is a Birmingham-based training and coaching company that's been inspiring lasting change in people across the world since 2007.
Since then we’ve grown, evolved and continually reshaped what we do and the ways in which we engage our learners.
It means they are not only enlightened and inspired while they are with us, they’re committed to making the change when they are not.

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Why our training works

We know that no single training programme, however great, can significantly influence business results on its own.

Long-term changes in behaviour are born out of structured programmes of ongoing learning.

That’s why we will create a training ‘journey’ with you. It all starts with the end in mind, by clearly defining your objectives, measures of success and post-event activities, before we embark on delivery.

Evidence shows that our approach can support up to 85% of your delegates in achieving sustained, effective change.

Creating post-programme sustainability by looking beyond a single training event.

Delivering clearly defined outcomes and measures of success.

Achieving high rates of customer engagement for the whole change journey.

We want to build true, long-term consultative partnerships that help you to get results, which is why all our programmes are based on a return-on-investment strategy.

And acutely aware of the needs of the modern learner too.Whether we’re working with your teams on specific skills or with a leadership team facilitating a change programme, your learners will always gain a uniquely positive, innovative and enriching experience.

We are a community
We Deliver Excellence
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We improve performance
We are inspiring
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Your world-class coaching and training team
We have a wealth of experience gained in a variety of roles and functions within large blue chip companies, from sales and account management to training and learning and development
It allows us to meet a complete range of outsourced training requirements right across your business, from initial training through to senior leadership team development. 
We employ a dedicated network of almost 150 global associate business coaches, which are handpicked for your training and coaching assignment and backed by leading technology and a world-class customer support team. 
As we’re experts in accelerated learning techniques and use the latest neuroscience methodology, we can partner with you across several markets worldwide and provide support to your people at all levels of leadership.

Our Team

Andy Crotty

Joint Managing Director

Andy is a co-founder and joint managing director of OTD, who has almost 20 years’ experience in the life sciences sector. 

His vision to inspire people and organisations through the delivery of genuinely innovative and engaging coaching solutions. Andy is occasionally allowed out of the office to deliver workshops, but his primary focus is on achieving operational excellence and developing OTD’s expanding portfolio of national and international customers. 

“What inspires me? Nothing beats the excitement of being part of a successful OTD workshop. I especially enjoy meeting participants we have helped to make positive changes in their life and career, particularly those that were initially sceptical of what they could achieve.”

Chris Cummins

Joint Managing Director

Chris is a vastly experienced senior leader and world-class facilitator with a 17-year track record in the pharmaceutical industry.

As Joint Managing Director of OTD, Chris is passionate about creating positive environments in which teams exceed targets and customer expectations. 

He is a published author, a Society of NLP Licensed Master Trainer for Business and a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) practitioner, so don’t be too surprised if you notice positive changes occurring once you’ve met him.

“What inspires me? Seeing new members of the OTD family flourish as outstanding coaches and trainers. We have a high-performing team which creates memorable experiences for our customers and enables people to significantly improve their performance; it is awe inspiring.”

Rebecca Farnworth

Head of Operations

Rebecca’s primary focus is ensuring OTD’s delivery of measurable, impactful and world-class coaching interventions that put the customer first. 

A qualified NLP business practitioner, Rebecca possesses vast experience in project management and personality and psychological profiling, which adds considerable value to our training, facilitation and coaching. Rebecca is a registered general nurse with almost 25 years’ experience within the healthcare and life sciences sectors. 

“What inspires me? OTD’s ability to continually evolve, grow and develop, with an innovative and flexible portfolio of interventions that are adaptable to meet the needs of any customer. It enhances my own aspiration to learn and grow, both personally and professionally.”

Louise Roberts

Head of Coaching

Louise is an inspirational world-class presenter, coach and behavioural change expert, with extensive experience in personality and psychological profiling. 

A qualified NLP business practitioner, Louise is renowned for her first-class communication skills and an ability to make complex subjects accessible to all.

She specialises in the delivery of behavioural and attitudinal change programmes, which engage and motivate individuals and teams on an international scale. 

“What inspires me? I love to travel worldwide, experiencing different cultures and working with a variety of global teams. OTD is fast paced, challenging and exciting; it is that environment that motivates me to be the best I can possibly be.”

Alison Barker

Head of Outcomes

Head of Outcomes Ali works with organisations across the globe to coordinate effective customer journeys and ensure that our programmes create sustainable change. 

An NLP qualified business practitioner, Ali is a vastly experienced business manager with almost 25 years of experience in the life sciences sector. She is passionate about enabling effective performance through people and is widely respected for her energy, leadership skills and ability to inspire others.

“What inspires me? Being empowered to add value to everything OTD does. Reviewing progress and evaluating measures of success, allows our customers to truly understand the impact of our delivery and motivates all of us to continually strive for customer excellence.”

Customer support team

OTD’s customer support team is dedicated to ensuring that individuals and organisations receive the best possible experience of our service. 

They include specialists in finance, design, data, management and administration, who all play a crucial role in the preparation, delivery and analysis of our programmes.

As an organisation that delivers globally, we are especially proud that our team reflects and celebrates the rich cultural diversity of our home city of Birmingham.

Associate business coaches

As an international company, we continually invest in the development of a trusted network of experienced coaching and training professionals. 

It’s why we employ people who are based within the diverse locations in which we deliver our services, who speak several languages, understand different sectors and represent a whole range of cultures and customs.

Each member of our global team is handpicked for customer assignments based on their individual skills, attributes and location.

Inspiring Communities

Supporting people and good causes is incredibly important to us. It’s something we’ve always done at OTD, both individually and collectively. When we first launched our ‘inspiring communities’ strategy in 2021, our aim was to bring together all aspects of our community giving in one cohesive vision.

We’ve since established long-term partnerships with four amazing Birmingham-based charities, working together to focus our support where it can have the most impact.

While we’re hugely proud of the role we have and continue to play in local communities, this isn’t really about us at all. It’s about raising wider awareness of the work that other incredible people and organisations do to make our society a more just and compassionate one, where there are opportunities for all. 

Birmingham Children's Trust

Birmingham Children’s Trust works with more than 10,000 children and young people every day, many of whom have experienced huge challenges in their young lives.

SIFA Fireside

SIFA Fireside supports people in their recovery from the effects of homelessness, standing by them while they rebuild their lives with safety and dignity.

Edward’s Trust

On average, every classroom in the UK contains a child that has lost a parent. Edward’s Trust, exists for those children, young people and their families facing bereavement.

First Class Foundation

First Class Foundation exists for every young person. It works in some of Birmingham's most deprived communities, helping those aged 13-25 to discover their purpose.