Psychological safety

The most productive workplaces are those where people feel able to be their true, authentic selves - a place that is safe for interpersonal risk-taking.

Psychological safety refers to a shared belief within a team or organisation that it is safe to share ideas and ask questions, so people can express themselves without fear of judgement or negative consequences. 

And it’s a feature of the workplace that leaders can help to create.

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What can you expect from Psychological Safety?

Psychological safety involves the creation of an environment where individuals feel valued, respected, and included, enabling them to be more open, creative, and collaborative as a result.

  • Find out how to build a cohesive and high performing team 
  • Explore the science and learn the four stages of psychological safety
  • Build a collective confidence and capability within your team 
  • Benefit from a toolkit to support you 

How Psychological Safety works:

We’ll take you through the science behind psychological safety, showing you how mistakes can be opportunities for growth and explaining why accountability is everyone’s responsibility.

Our delivery will encourage participants to challenge. Individuals will feel empowered, able to experiment and ready to take the steps needed to thrive in the workplace. 

Who will benefit most from Psychological Safety?

Psychological Safety is a programme for everyone, as we all need support to thrive at work. It is especially useful for leaders and provides practical support to develop and evolve safe environments that will enable teams to innovate and thrive.

In-person or online?

Psychological Safety has been specially developed for blended learning and is effective in a face-to-face and virtual setting. It can be adapted to suit specific needs - including group size and geography - and is underpinned by priming activities, evaluations and individual coaching and support, to achieve sustainable results.

It is one of a suite of complementary world-class leadership and development coaching programmes offered by OTD.

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