Connecting with your customers at an even deeper level will enable you to add value and confidently challenge their thinking.

It will also give you the ability to drive sustainable change and inspire customer loyalty.

ECHOES is a measurable customer engagement model, that gives you the opportunity to truly engage your customers. We will help you to better understand your beliefs and behaviours, and support you in developing a growth mindset.

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What can you expect from ECHOES?

How you sell matters and so too does your process for doing so. ECHOES gives you the skills to identify what is important to your customers, including the things they haven’t yet admitted to themselves.

  • Understand how to click with your customers, demonstrating confidence and conviction
  • Develop empowering beliefs in yourself and the value you can bring to your customers
  • Be significantly more influential when creating the right solutions for your customers
  • Recognise and understand obstacles and how you can resolve them
  • Maximise every opportunity and convert your customers into long-term devotees

How ECHOES works:

This programme is all about you. It’s your opportunity to be the very best you can be by building a mindset that will really engage your customers.

It all starts with the end in mind. We’ll take a look at your current beliefs, including the things that hold you back when speaking to a customer and how you can develop your understanding of your customer’s world.

We’ll consider visualisation techniques, the skills required to build trust, rapport and credibility, and deploy a combination of virtual learning, group sessions and one-to-one coaching.

We will use benchmarking to measure your state of mind, record the impact and ‘degree of shift’ you experience during the programme, with clear development guidance to support your ongoing progression.

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